A downloadable game for Windows

Planiverse is a 2D top-down singleplayer game for PC made with Unity for the 38th Lundum Dare game jam.

The history happen in space and starts when a unknown spacial explorer arrives on an aparently inhospitable galaxy. He perceives it was largely different of any other already visited by him and the unkown treasures whispers for him to be discovered. Not too long time after his arrival, he look around and find out a strange device that turns possible to get smaller and enter the planets he couldn't. After that, this is a long way of discovery, self knowledge and possibilities of get resources to make his own equips and, maybe, the foundation for a completely new civilization. If, of course, this galaxy permits.

WASD to move and E to interact with objects.

Install instructions

All files are compacted on a .rar file and have to be descompacted for execution. No need for instalation.


Planiverse_v0.2.1.rar (10 MB)

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